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Caricature Services

Caricatures are a creative and fun way to remember an occasion or a unique gift for friends and family to view on their wall every day and smile!
Neil has been drawing both people and pets in his unique style for over a decade and he specializes in drawing dogs of all breeds and varieties.
Caricatures are often thought of as crude exaggerations that end up not really resembling the recipient. Neil's priority is likeness and customer satisfaction. Loyal customers have consistently remarked Neil "captures the spirit" of his subjects and how the artwork brings them joy everyday!

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Caricature Pricing

Ordering information for hand-drawn caricatures

  • First color head and shoulders of your order is $40. 

  • Each additional caricature head is $25 more.

  • First color full body pose of your order is $50.

  • Each additional caricature full body is $35 more.

  • First black and white head and shoulders of your order is $25.

  • Each additional caricature head is $15 more.

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